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Inspection and acceptance of socket-type disc-type scaffold

The contents are as follows:
1) The three-dimensional dimensions of the disc-buckled scaffold should meet the design requirements, and the setting of inclined poles and steel pipe scissors should meet the relevant requirements of the construction specifications.
2) The foundation of disc-buckled scaffold should not have uneven settlement, and the contact between adjustable base and foundation should not be loosened or suspended.
3) The setting of connecting wall should meet the design requirements, and should be reliably connected with the main structure and frame.
4) The hanging of the lateral safety net, the horizontal net between the inner layers and the setting of protective railings should be complete and firm.
5) Appearance inspection and record should be done before the use of scaffolding fittings for turnover use.
6) Construction records and quality inspection records of disc-buckled scaffolding erection should be timely and complete.
6. Formwork support and double-row scaffolding shall be recorded after acceptance. Record sheet shall conform to the Safety Technical Regulations for Socket-type Disc-buckled Steel Tube Support.